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Target id: 2863

Nomenclature: CD28

Family: Other immune checkpoint proteins, CD molecules

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 1 220 2q33 CD28 CD28 molecule
Mouse 1 218 1 C1-C3 Cd28 CD28 antigen
Rat 1 218 9q31 Cd28 Cd28 molecule
Previous and Unofficial Names
cluster of differentiation 28 | CD28 antigen (Tp44)
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Key to terms and symbols Click column headers to sort
Antibody Sp. Action Affinity Units Reference
lulizumab pegol Hs Binding 9.3 – 9.4 pKd 3
pKd 9.3 – 9.4 (Kd 5.1x10-10 – 3.6x10-10 M) [3]
Description: Note that this Kd value was determined using the 'naked' binding component, in the absence of PEGylation.


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1. Alegre ML, Frauwirth KA, Thompson CB. (2001) T-cell regulation by CD28 and CTLA-4. Nat. Rev. Immunol., 1 (3): 220-8. [PMID:11905831]

2. Poirier N, Dilek N, Mary C, Ville S, Coulon F, Branchereau J, Tillou X, Charpy V, Pengam S, Nerriere-Daguin V et al.. (2015) FR104, an antagonist anti-CD28 monovalent fab' antibody, prevents alloimmunization and allows calcineurin inhibitor minimization in nonhuman primate renal allograft. Am. J. Transplant., 15 (1): 88-100. [PMID:25488654]

3. Suchard SJ, Davis PM, Kansal S, Stetsko DK, Brosius R, Tamura J, Schneeweis L, Bryson J, Salcedo T, Wang H et al.. (2013) A monovalent anti-human CD28 domain antibody antagonist: preclinical efficacy and safety. J. Immunol., 191 (9): 4599-610. [PMID:24081989]

4. Suntharalingam G, Perry MR, Ward S, Brett SJ, Castello-Cortes A, Brunner MD, Panoskaltsis N. (2006) Cytokine storm in a phase 1 trial of the anti-CD28 monoclonal antibody TGN1412. N. Engl. J. Med., 355 (10): 1018-28. [PMID:16908486]

5. Watkins BK, Tkachev V, Furlan SN, Hunt DJ, Betz K, Yu A, Brown M, Poirier N, Zheng HB, Taraseviciute A et al.. (2018) CD28 blockade controls T cell activation to prevent graft-versus-host disease in primates. J. Clin. Invest., 128 (9): 3991-4007. [PMID:30102255]

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