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Interleukin 13 receptor, α2

Target id: 1701

Nomenclature: Interleukin 13 receptor, α2

Family: IL-2 receptor family

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 1 380 Xq23 IL13RA2 interleukin 13 receptor subunit alpha 2
Mouse 1 383 Il13ra2 interleukin 13 receptor, alpha 2
Rat 1 385 Il13ra2 interleukin 13 receptor subunit alpha 2
Previous and Unofficial Names
interleukin 13 receptor | cancer/testis antigen 19 | CD213a2 | CT19 | IL13BP | IL-13RA2 | IL-13 receptor alpha-2 | IL-13R subunit alpha-2
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1. Debinski W, Gibo DM, Hulet SW, Connor JR, Gillespie GY. (1999) Receptor for interleukin 13 is a marker and therapeutic target for human high-grade gliomas. Clin. Cancer Res., 5 (5): 985-90. [PMID:10353730]

2. Sengupta S, Thaci B, Crawford AC, Sampath P. (2014) Interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2-targeted glioblastoma immunotherapy. Biomed Res Int, 2014: 952128. [PMID:25247196]

3. Tu M, Wange W, Cai L, Zhu P, Gao Z, Zheng W. (2016) IL-13 receptor α2 stimulates human glioma cell growth and metastasis through the Src/PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. Tumour Biol., 37 (11): 14701-14709. [PMID:27623944]

4. Wood N, Whitters MJ, Jacobson BA, Witek J, Sypek JP, Kasaian M, Eppihimer MJ, Unger M, Tanaka T, Goldman SJ et al.. (2003) Enhanced interleukin (IL)-13 responses in mice lacking IL-13 receptor alpha 2. J. Exp. Med., 197 (6): 703-9. [PMID:12642602]

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